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   -   Dec 31st, 1969

Treated Wood
   -   Dec 31st, 1969

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Canadian Softwood Inspection Agency, Inc. (CSI) is an independent internationally accredited third party inspection agency. CSI also operates under the tradename Macdonald Inspection Services.

Since 1994, CSI has been providing quality inspection and certification services to the lumber manufacturing and wood preservation industries in British Columbia and the Prairie Provinces.

CSI is accredited by the Canadian Lumber Standards Accreditation Board (CLSAB) and the American Lumber Standards Committee Board of Review (ALSC). CSI is the only agency in Canada accredited (currently inactive) by the ALSC for participation in their Treated Wood Program and was the first grading agency ever accredited by the CLSAB for their Treated Wood Program. In fact, since inception, Canadian Softwood Inspection Agency Inc. has certified more PWF wood products in Canada than any other company.

"Trusted Inspection Services since 1994"

CSI is a privately owned fee-for-service agency. We do not charge our clients initiation fees, membership or annual dues. Our clients pay only for the services they require and nothing more.

Are you only paying for the services you require? Are you paying for services you don’t use? Are you paying too much?

There is an easy way to find out, and its free. CSI will do a Comparitive Analysis of your inspection needs, just call and make an appointment. At your convenience we will perform an on-site evaluation of your facility to determine what services you actually need from your grading agency. There is no expense to you to compare you’re current association costs with our inspection rates.

Phone Number: 604-857-2112
Call us Toll Free: 1-877-572-2112